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Being a traveling consultant I basically don’t have time to go to a B&M (brick and mortar) store. That is, I buy everything on the Internet.

So how does this contribute to having my identity stolen?

Well, every time I buy something, my credit card number is stored on their website. I try to use disposable CC numbers whenever possible. My Citibank card offers this. However, the fact remains that my credit card number is floating around out there for any hacker to steal.

So what do I do?

I “renew” my credit cards on a regular basis. That is, I “lose” them. I AM NOT closing my account. I just simply call up my credit card issuer, tell them I lost my credit card and they issue a new one with a new number. This way I am refreshing my CC numbers once a year and not once every 3-5 years. Remember, you don’t want to do this with all your CC, all at once. There is a lag between when you make the call and when you get the card.

Here’s some more evidence for my advice above:


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