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Another good resource for the b-school applicant, is to utilize is the b-school forum. You have to pay for full access, but a big-timing prospective MBA (like yourself) should have no problems fronting the cash. I especially think its beneficial to read the Admissions Q&A with the Admissions Directors from the schools you are applying to. For instance, this is the one for Linda Baldwin,UCLA’s Adcom big cheese: Businessweek Interview.

For me, it’s important to understand what these people are saying so you can get a good idea of the environment they are trying to promote at their business school. If you understand your Adcom’s psychology, then you can tailor your message (during the interview or essays) to say (for lack of a better term) what they “want to hear”.

Also, some people will say “Josie, don’t write what you think the Adcom wants to hear, write from the heart,write something gutsy….” Anyone who says that should have their head examined. You want to write something that they want to hear, not something they don’t. If you don’t, you’re gonna be riding the short bus over to CUNY. Human nature says we like hearing stuff we agree with, not necessarily thought provoking.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to Google the name of the Adcom head as well as the person who is going to be interviewing you. You might be able to find out what they like and then that becomes your new hobby….or at least a possible talking point.


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