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In my opinion, one of the biggest factors contributing to identity theft is the prolific amount of junk mail that mass marketers love to dish out. This is especially true with credit card and line of credit offers. This past week, I opened up my own mail to see 2 checks that anyone could have signed and cashed at a less than scrupulous check cashing joint.

Well, I would like to introduce It is yet another tool in my arsenal of protecting one’s own identity. While identifies themselves as an organization whose aim is to reduce junk mail in order to help the environment. It can really help take you off the junk mailers and potenital identity thieves radar screen.

The cost is $41.00 for 5 years and claims a 80-95% reduction in junk mailings. Oh yeah, a portion of your $41.00 goes to charity. What is there not to love?

FAQS – 41 Pounds


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