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Monthly Archives: September 2007

I am on a long term project in Chicago.  Recently, I have been leaving clothing at my hotel behind the guest services desk.  Basically, I just check my bag for the weekend when I leave.  I also drop my laundry off as well.  As soon as I get back in on Monday, my bag is there and my laundry is washed and ready for me to go.  Sometimes, when I travel to and from certain hotels, I leave a box at guest services with my toiletries if I can’t leave my clothes.

All this drastically cuts down the amount that I have to haul around.  I also spend less time in security as I have less to run through the x-ray machine and less of a chance for the dreaded “secondary screening”.

I love OGIO bags.  I have never had a laptop case and suitcase that were  so well designed and well made.  I have the OGIO City Corp laptop bad and the OGIO Layover suitcase.

I have been traveling non-stop over the last few years as a consultant and I can not afford to have a busted wheel or broken zipper slow me down.  The one thing I learned is spend the money to buy quality and OGIO delivers on that plus one.  Sure they are durable but they are also intelligently designed.  The number of pockets and compartments just blows me away.  These aren’t gratuitous either, they are each separately sized and all are within easy reach.  This is a great, for example, when you are going through security at LAX and you need to know where your ticket or toiletries are.

OGIO bags, I am a raving fan.  Thanks for a quality product in a sea of crap bags.