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Monthly Archives: December 2007

ABC News: Cell Phone in Flight: Dangerous or Not?

Okay, I will admit, I forget to turn off my phone during flights.  This happens all the time.  Is this really interfering with the pilots or any communication equipment?

The Lazy Man’s Way to Building a Great PowerPoint Presentation

In consulting I have seen a lot of nightmare-ish PPT presentations.  I believe in keeping it simple and not trying to throw the kitchen sink in.  It overwhelms the audience.

The attached article and template does a great job in keeping it simple.

There’s No Shame in Renting, Home Prices Will Fall is a great site IMO.  I love the easy to understand information about home buying and the mortgage market in general.

I particularly like the article above.  As I think the mortgage failout will last another 18, I will continue to rent.  The aritcle above describes how there is no shame in this game.

VersaCharger Pro – Car, Wall, and Airplane Charger in One

I travel 100% for my consulting job.  I don’t like taking anymore stuff than I have to on the road.  That being said, I have found myself SOL on some occasions when I forget something or don’t bring enough of something else.

That being said, I love products that are intelligently designed and serve a multitude of purposes.  The Boxwave charger I link to above is AWESOME.  You can use your USB cord and this charger to wall charge or car charge.  Nice.  How is that for cutting down on the travel clutter?

Your Cellphone May Be Your Flight’s Boarding Pass | Walyou

Well, the future is here.  Apparently travelers are going to be able to board flights with a text message.  I hope my battery doesn’t die on my way to the airport.

Business school applications are all about laying out how you have exhibited the qualities of a leader.  After all, this is the quality that b-schools, in general, desire the most in their applicants.   A lot of my admissions consulting clients struggle with a succinct definition of leadership.  That is, one that they as the applicant can use as a succinct model.  To this point, my clients and prospective MBA students ask me what my definition of leadership is.  I believe Stephen Covey covers it well in this article.

This is important as a lot of b-school applications ask for the applicant to provide meaning leadership experience and examples in their essay. Follow Covey’s pillars of leadership and you should have a good start to your essay.  The trick is to not only discuss how well you fit this definition but also how you have displayed this style of leadership during your management responsibilities.  Take your essays a step further by showing how you have sought to “pay it forward” and instill these values in those you have led.